In a city where its inhabitants are as connected to their automobiles as we Los Angelenos are, there are bound to be more than a few issues between cars and pedestrians. Unfortunately, when these two parties collide, pedestrians are going to be on the losing end.

Injuries caused from a vehicle-on-pedestrian accident can be quite extensive, debilitating victims long after the scene has been cleared and the medical bills tallied and mailed. These injuries often include brain and spine trauma that requires years of physical rehabilitation. Even with medical insurance, costs for years of physical therapy can drain any bank account and leave the victim with a diminished quality of life as well as near-constant pain.

Injured as a Pedestrian in Los Angeles?

For those involved in pedestrian accidents, we have proven experience in obtaining justice and compensation for the following damages:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss or change in one’s quality of life

If you or a loved one has been struck by a moving vehicle while walking, you’re invited to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers. We promise a no-obligation, no-cost assessment of your case that is comprehensive and backed by experience.