Evaluate Credentials, Experience, and Track Records

After you have determined which kind of personal injury case you will pursue, you should take some time to evaluate your options. Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are not equal in their abilities and experience, and choosing the right one is a key component of your success.

Begin your search by evaluating the credentials of prospective lawyers. Every practicing lawyer will have been licensed by the State Bar of California, but some lawyers will have more noteworthy credentials than others. At Los Angeles City Law, each of our lawyers has been thoroughly trained at leading universities. Contact us to request more information about our lawyers’ credentials.

After you have evaluated a lawyer’s credentials, you should then evaluate whether or not they have the experience required to provide you with the legal representation you deserve. We have taken on hundreds of cases in the area, and we stay current on all of the relevant laws and regulations. Los Angeles City Law also has a record of winning 98 percent of the cases we take on, and we are proud to provide each of our clients with the experienced representation they need.