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There’s a way to go out, enjoy a few drinks and be responsible, but it’s all too common where people don’t know their limit and use poor judgment to make destructive decisions. When you get behind the wheel intoxicated, you not only put yourself in danger of being hurt, you also put others on the road in danger as of getting into a car accident as well. You chose to get behind the wheel, but they didn’t choose to be put in a position of danger. Don’t put yourself and others at risk; if you’ve been drinking, behave responsibly.

How exactly does one act responsibly when they’ve been drinking? We’ve put together this helpful blog for anyone looking for guidance before, during or after a night of enjoying a few beverages. Read on for some helpful tips on how you can balance fun and safety all at once.

Get a Designated Driver

While this is possibly the least “fun” option, it’s surely a better option than jail time or worse. If you have plans to go out with a group of friends, flip a coin, draw straws or find a way to determine which person in the group is going to be the designated driver for the evening. While again, everyone else will be imbibing and having fun, if you’re not drinking, there’s a chance that others may ease up on their intake as well, so as to make for a more enjoyable environment for everyone. Besides, you’re going out to spend time with your friends, so the absence of alcohol for one night won’t make nearly as much of a difference as you may think. It’s entirely possible to sip water, non-alcoholic mixed drinks or soda and still be a part of the group. The comfort of knowing that everyone got home safely is something that will be extremely satisfying for both you and them.

Pace Yourself and Eat Something

It’s entirely possible to go out for an evening, drink responsibly and still enjoy yourself, and part of this has to do with preparing for the evening and pacing yourself. Eat a meal before you go out, as this will help slow down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream, meaning you won’t become intoxicated as quickly as you would if you drank on an empty stomach. Staying hydrated is key as well, as alcohol can dehydrate you, making you thirsty, leading you to drink more. The general rule of thumb that’s good to follow is one glass of water for every drink. This will keep you hydrated and make you drink less. Additionally, drinking no more than one or two moderately strong drinks per hour will help keep your overall BAC levels low.

Call for a Taxi or Ridesharing Service

While this option means that the responsibility of driving no longer lies on anyone within the group, by no means does this mean that you should act irrationally and irresponsibly. Remember, you still have to deal with people outside of your friend group. Any bartender legally has the right to refuse to serve you if he or she feels you have drank too much, and in the case of drunk driving accidents, restaurant and bar staff can be held liable for. In addition to this, while you are no longer responsible to get home, you don’t want to be a complete mess when dealing with your cab or ridesharing driver. Go out, enjoy yourself, but be responsible.

Stay In

Another easy way to avoid the dangers of drunk driving is simple: stay in. While, again, this is no invitation to drink to the point of shame, this is an easy way to avoid putting anyone else who’s on the road in danger. Either host an evening at your place or go to a friend’s home that can also accommodate you for the evening as well. Staying in with friends or having them stay with you ensures that no one will be getting behind the wheel, and if anyone is in a less than ideal state, they’re with friends who can help them if need be. Save some money and turn a night out into a night in. Plus, you’ll all be together in the morning and can go out for brunch!

There are just a few ways that you can avoid the dangers of drunk driving. Even so, you can’t make decisions for those you don’t know, so when in doubt, try to avoid areas that may put you and others on the road at risk. At Los Angeles City Law, we want our clients to be safe and free of danger, but the unfortunate reality is that drunk driving accidents do happen, and far too often at that. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a drunk driver and is in need of a car accident lawyer, contact Los Angeles City Law today.