1. 6 Things Personal Injury Claimants Must Do After Injury

    See a Doctor immediately if you are in pain. After an accident, you must receive immediate medical treatment from your general physician or an emergency hospital clinic or visit your local 24 hour clinic. All your out-of-pocket expenses for such costs are reimbursable upon settlement. Tell your doctor about your medical problems resulting from the accident; Make sure you tell your treating doctor …Read More

  2. Q&A With Attorney Hadi Ramsey

    Q: Why is my insurance accepting fault when I hit a car that was left on the slow lane in the middle of the lane at night ?: I was driving on hwy 50 east bound at 2am Sunday, A nissan was left on the slow lane and a volvo hit the nissan minutes before I did. The nissan had no hazard lights on.My insurance accepting fault. The hwy has barely any lights very dark freeway. A: Hadi’s answer: Wow…Read More

  3. Fatal Accident Involving Pedestrian Closes the EB 101 Freeway Through Studio City

    Did your commute take significantly longer than usual this morning? If you watched this morning’s news or glanced at your local news station’s website, you probably heard or saw that there was a horrific pedestrian accident in the Studio City area. Police received an emergency call around 6:11 a.m. from a driver who reported that a pedestrian had been struck by a vehicle in an eastbound lane o…Read More

  4. Questions About Uber Accidents: Part II

    Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft provide travelers and Los Angeles residents alike with an affordable and safe way to get around the city. With the popularity of rideshare services increasing, it’s no surprise that the number of accidents involving these services is rising as well. A San Jose pedestrian was hit by an Uber roughly a month ago while crossing the street, and he was rushed t…Read More

  5. Questions About Uber Accidents: Part I

    Even if you only casually watch the news, you’ve probably heard about the recent Uber accidents in Los Angeles and around California. 2018 began on a dark note for six Los Angeles residents when an intoxicated driver collided with their Uber on in the early hours of New Year’s Day. Three more Uber passengers were injured almost a month later, when a multi-car pileup involving six vehicles shut…Read More

  6. What to Do If You’ve Been Hit by a Car

    Traffic-related injuries and deaths in Los Angeles are rising, according to a recent study published in the LA Times. Pedestrians and cyclists are being struck by distracted and/or intoxicated drivers every day, and many of these victims are unfamiliar with the steps they should be taking immediately after an accident has occurred. The way in which you respond to an accident has the potential to g…Read More